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EMI designed, manufactured and installed a 1419 Automatic Matchplate Molding Machine & Mold Handling System at Fall River Foundry, a 60 year old water works foundry. In addition to exceeding all customer expectations and deadlines, this state-of-the art i nstallation increased capacity and was an integral part of their $2.6 million plant expansion.

“I would like to share with you how pleased we are with the new EMI Molding Machine & Mold Handling System. As you are aware we have been researching new molding machines for a number of years. Upon reviewing what was available we concluded that EMI’s MatchPlate Molding Machine would best suit our Job shop foundry needs. From concept drawing to the equipment set-up, EMI met our expectations and deadlines. The Technology and Engineering applied to this molding system is what will continue to keep Fall River Foundry producing the quality of casting our customers expect. On behalf of Fall River Foundry, we thank everyone at EMI for our “Made in the USA” molding line.”

President, Fall River Foundry

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