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Remanufactured HS-22 Shell Machine with Auto-Roll-Over

Remanufactured HS-22 Shell Machine with Auto-Roll-Over

Machine Specifications – HS-22-Auto-Rollover – Shell Core Machine

  • Accepting vertically parted tooling with dimensions: 22” deep x 24” high x 9/9
  • Automatic movements of the sand magazine, rollover, and platen clamping via pneumatic cylinders-controlled ISO valves.
  • Natural gas combustion system
    • Dual Gassing System – each platen is heated via a natural gas platen burner with replaceable gas tips
    • High-Low Temperature control on each platen is adjustable via the HMI
  • Machine control system:
    • NEMA-12 painted carbon steel enclosure housing the PLC and HMI with 120v main disconnect and 24vdc transformer
    • Fully automatic operation utilizing an Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller
  • Lower spill sand collection hopper with removeable screen and lower sand pump.

Optional Equipment:

Barrier Guarding as generally depicted with the following features:

  • Control panel mounting and pre-wiring via rigid conduit or seal-tight to the machine mounted on-unit devices
  • One (1) rear access door with safety interlock switch
  • Light Curtin mounting to panel posts
  • Panel posts with floor mounting

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