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Osborn 212/214 RJW Molding Machines

Osborn 212/214 RJW
Ram-Jolt Squeeze Molding Machines

EMI’s 212/214 RJW molding machines are heavy duty units designed for long, trouble-free service. The swing-head design with heavy ribbed steel post and squeeze beam construction withstands rugged work demands. Working parts, fully enclosed for protection from sand and other contaminants, are designed with all lubrication points readily accessible. The capacities of these machines, in combination with EMI’s exclusive and patented Ram-Jolt® mechanism, provide exceptional mold ramming characteristics.

Rather than a vibrating type rap for the pre-jolt portion of the cycle, the 200 RJW Series machine has an anvil strike. This assures adequate compaction of the drag mold and helps the operator to imbed the bottom board. After the cope is filled, the Ram-Jolt® is applied simultaneously with the squeeze. These sequences offer improved mold quality. Dense, hard, uniform molds with excellent casting definition are the result of this process.

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