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FORMIPRESS Smart Molding

FORMIPRESS Smart Molding

The key of outstanding mold compaction is the distribution of the sand in each pattern’s cavity. It is critical that the sand adapts to the pattern perfectly every time.

In traditional molding systems, sand compaction (squeezing) is completed by squeezing from the top of the flask and generally follows this process; the flask is on the pattern plate and the frame placed on the flask collects the sand, which will consequently be compressed. The pattern plate, the flask, and the filling frame create a single group in which the molding sand is pressed by the squeeze head (contrasting force) against the pattern plate until the desired hardness is reached.

This is proven insufficient to reach desired mold hardness at the pattern interface and results in lower sand-to-metal ratios. The FORMIPRESS Smart Molding System is different from other traditional mold compaction systems and follows this general process; the filling frame is placed between the flask and the pattern plate. Here the flask and the filling frame create a single group while the pattern plate (which is free to move) pushes the molding sand contained in the flask and in the filling frame against the squeeze-head. The counter force produced by the squeeze-head makes it possible to pre-set the mold hardness.

  • Double squeezing – from the top with a multi-piston compensating head and from the bottom by lifting the pattern bolster for desired active compaction.
  • Innovative pattern bolsters are not simply pattern frames, but complex extensions of the molding machine. The FORMIPRESS bolsters are guided systems (4 or 6 guides) utilizing pattern heating systems and self-lubrication.
  • All movements are contained with a heavy-duty frame operating under precise movements.

The FORMIPRESS Smart Molding System deliverers these repeatable advantages:

  • Higher hardness on the pattern side = perfect pattern reproduction and better finish
  • Decreasing hardness towards the back side = desired gas permeability and eliminated fettling
  • Castings can be within 1” of flask side walls with deep draw reproducibility
  • Quiet and clean operation
  • Up to 30% energy reduction

The FORMIPRESS Smart Molding System is engineered with complete tight flask molding solutions that can include; closing stations, flask and pallet cleaners, punch-out, roll over, core setting and drill stations.

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