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EL-MEC – Electro-Mechanical Operators

EL-MEC – Electro-Mechanical Operators

Proven innovation for high performance molding systems – the EL-MEC operators are used in place of traditional hydraulic powered cylinders to move, transfer, lift pallet cars, flasks and cooling jackets. EL-MEC operators deliver reduced energy consumption (lower cost of operation and lower green-house gas emissions), higher uptime reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

EL-MEC operators are used in conjunction with Active Front End (open drive regeneration). As motors are used for movements, these same motors when operated as brakes will return excess energy by means of an AC-DC regenerative unit, commonly called Active Front End (AFE). A.F.E OpenDrive is a pulsed rectifier-regenerative feedback unit that delivers power back to the system. This results in

  • Up to 40% energy savings compared to hydraulic operation
  • Low harmonics and reduced heat formation
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Reduced oil leaks
  • Lower capital and installation costs

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