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High Performance Matchplate Molding Machines

Our Automatic Matchplate Molding Machines are designed to deliver consistent mold quality, high production speeds, and maintenance friendly features help keep your investment running smooth. The innovative design includes these unique features:

  • Heavy duty six (6) piece frame utilizing heavy duty fully accessible guide rods with linear bearings
  • Unique cope lift allows a greater variety of pattern plates and improved guidance for the guide rods
  • Unique squeeze head that transfers force into the machine frame, not the hopper car
  • Innovative upper cope mold ejection system reduces cycle times and improves mold stability
  • Centrally located HMI mounted on an articulating arm allowing the operator to work from either side and an open design concept allows ease of access and maintenance
  • Other features include; removable pattern spray storage tank, hardened one-piece rails with yoke rollers, hopper car, fillerator, rotary driven rollover, and board feeder improvements….

All of these design features work together to eliminate drag shift and improve casting quality.

Four different sized machines will meet all your production needs:

Model 1419 1620 2024 2026 3032
Mold Size (inch) 14 x 19 16 x 20 20 x 24 20 x 26 30 x 32
Cope/Drag (inch) 5.5/4.5 6.5/5.5 6.5/5.5
12/11 12/11

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