Custom Fabrication and Machining services from EMI

Custom Machining and Fabricating

Put our design, fabrication, and machining expertise to work

EMI is well known throughout the foundry industry for providing heavy duty, high performance, custom foundry machinery. In order to advance our business and provide continued customer support we acquired a well known local machining and fabrication business. These combined resources provide a unique facility where design, fabrication, machining, electrical control panel, and factory run-off can all be accommodated under one roof.

EMI’s Machining and Fabrication Operations offer our unique expertise to be put to work for other industries and customer needs. A unique machine & fabrication facility backed by a staff of engineering talent capable of meeting just about any need. EMI Machining is qualified to deliver quality machined parts up to 6′ x 6′ x 6′ and weighing up to 3 tons. As experts in machine design and building, we can easily assemble and run-off all your machinery needs.


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