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Automation can come in many forms, but the main drivers in making any automation project work are; ROI, workplace safety, and quality improvements. Automation can include robotic applications, linear guided systems, or a variety of material handling or finishing systems. In many cases, automation systems can provide very fast return on investment (ROI). Beyond these basic financial benefits automation systems improved quality and less scrap and in many cases, can remove your employees from dangerous or risky manufacturing environments. All of course have enormous benefit to your bottom line.

With over 35 years of experience in foundry operations, we specialize in automation systems for the foundry industry. EMI is an Authorized Integrator for FANUC Robotics America, Inc., and our partnership with FANUC allows us to offer one of the most diverse robot offerings in the industry. If you are ready to explore how robotic automation can help your operations, contact us.

As a Fanuc Robot Integrator, we have the skills and experience to bring efficient automation projects to your business. Common areas that robots can bring quick return and productivity gains are:

EMI is an Authorized Fanuc Systems Integrator.

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