DS 2424 Shell Core Machine – Refurbished

We are pleased to announce the availability of a newly refurbished Dual Station 2424 Shell Core Machine. 

EMI recently acquired the assets of Harrison Equipment. Over the years, EMI has acquired industry leading brands including Osborn, SPO, Sutter, Herman, and Brock Match Plate. Purchasing Harrison Equipment is part of EMI’s strategy to continue our growth to build, service and support a wider range of foundry equipment and products. 

Harrison Equipment is well-known for producing versatile and productive core and molding machines, as well as ancillary support equipment such as sand transport systems. Harrison began in the 1950’s and has sold thousands of pieces of foundry equipment throughout North America with a special emphasis on reducing energy and increasing productivity with a cost-effective machine. EMI not only builds this equipment, but we also provide support, engineering, service, and OEM replacement parts from our headquarters and factory in Cleveland, Ohio. 

We acquired this machine on trade early this year and have thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and replaced all worn items with new components, to put in back in outstanding condition – ready for production.

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