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Shell cores can be solid, smooth with high definition. The shell process can also be used to create molds providing a casting with excellent finish and minimum cleaning room processing. The shell core can be cured with either electrical heated platens or gas fired systems, and the uncured sand can be re-used after collection.

EMI’s family of Automatic Shell Core Machines offers safe and simple operations that produce quality cores. We’ve created improvements to the well known Shalco models (U-180, U-360, and U-900) and offer these machines new or remanufactured. These machines can be fully automated without the need of an operator. Finished cores are automatically ejected onto an extraction conveyor where robotic handling or an attendant can transfer the core to an efficient distribution system.

The machines offer total flexibility to accommodate all shell core needs. Adjusting temperature and times for blow, invest, cure, and rock are all completed by an easy to use and intuitive HMI screen.

  • Produces a wide range of precision shell cores on a mass production basis
  • Totally mechanized core discharge to conveyor
  • Fully automatic – limited operator interface
  • Flexible conveyor belt for removal of finished cores
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Standard water-cooled blow plate – for continuous operation
  • Optional automation – off load flight conveyor with accumulation turn table
  • Available – safety barrier guarding with interlocks

Specifications for EMI’s model 803 (improved replacement to U-900)

Model 803 – Automatic Shell Core Machine
Heater Plates (Gas) 20″ X 29″
Core Box Size 20″ X 30″
Core Box Depth (Across Parting Line) 7.5″ MIN. 20″ MAX.
San Hopper Capacity 200 lbs.
Effective Sand Hopper Blow Area 5 1/2″ x 27″
Machine Approx Weight 10,000 lbs.
Gas Volume 400 cu/ft/hr
Output 400,000 Btu
Pressure 8 To 10 oz/sq. in.
Min. Air Pressure Reqd. 80 psi
Max. Air Consumption 120 SCFM
Max. Water Consumption Approx. 4 gal/min. @ 15 ft/sec

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