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QuickCore | Vertically Parted Core Machine

QuickCore | Vertically Parted Core Machine

The QuickCore cold core machine is configured as a high production, fully automatic, single station core machine for vertically parted tooling. The QuickCore is configured for severe foundry duty and continuous use with minimum preventative maintenance or repair to meet the production requirements of today’s competitive foundries. The machine draws from EMI’s many decades of experience in building cold core machines and full turnkey systems.

The QuickCore machine accepts most common existing core boxes or even 3D printed core boxes. An innovative design allows for easy core box setup, tooling access, and maintainability.

There are two standard machine sizes that will accommodate most traditional CB tooling packages.

Model Blow Capacity Core Box Size Dry Cycle Time
QC-22 75 lb (20 L) 22” x 24” 16 sec
QC-26 100 lb (30 L) 26” x 30” 16 sec


  • Swing-out or Swing-down Eject Platen
  • Dual hollow guide rod amine collection covers from both collection platens eliminates the need for traveling hoses
  • A wider platen mounting plate that accepts tooling sizes from 4/4 to 10/10
  • Light curtains and OSHA approved safety guarding
  • Quick Change Tooling Mounting
  • PLC with HMI Touch Screen Interface
  • And many more……

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