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Flasks, Pallet Cars, Weights & Jackets

Custom Flasks for all sand molding needs

EMI provides Flasks, Pallet Cars, Weights & Jackets for tight flask green sand molding processes. All components can be supplied by:

  • Cast construction including; cast iron, gray iron, or ductile iron
  • Fabricated construction including; hot rolled steel, alloy steel, and hardened alloys

All flasks are furnished fully assembled and include pins, bushings, indexing pads (optional) and/or flask clamps (optional). EMI can supply replacement flasks for existing operations or can design and supply flasks for new molding applications. As the OEM for SPO, Osborn, Impact and now Savelli molding lines, EMI has the experience and ability to supply quality flasks for your molding operations.

Pallet Car

EMI routinely helps foundries with longevity improvements by analyzing the current handling equipment, and considering changes that can help minimize wear or material changes that resist wear. All our designs utilize ALGOR’s Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) software to calculate stresses within various materials. A finite analysis will look to simulate the following points; squeeze force, thermal expansion, pattern & bolster engagement, and stack up tolerances.

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