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Mold Handling and Cooling Systems

Automated Mold Handling & Foundry Cooling Systems

As the leading US manufacturer of foundry equipment, EMI is bringing complete turnkey design, manufacture, and installation of your mold handling equipment. Beyond offering the right mold making solutions, EMI is uniquely qualified to deliver the right mold handling and foundry cooling systems to meet your needs today while being flexible for tomorrow.

Contact our application specialists to discuss your mold handling needs and learn how we can help improve your metal casting process.

Depending on the molding system, the handling system could employ the following devices:

  • Transfer Stations
  • Pusher and Brake Stations
  • Elevators
  • Aerators
  • Punch Out Stations
  • Roll-Over Stations
  • Sprue Drill
  • Rails or Power Rollers
  • Flask and Pallet Car Cleaners

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