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Pneumatic Sand Pump

Pneumatic Sand Pump

At EMI we’re constantly improving – We’ve developed a proven update to the legacy pneumatic sand pumps that have been provided by Harrison Equipment and Redford. Our new design reduces debris contamination that causes loss of sand flow and provides a stable – constant flow of sand.

Closed valve – pumping sand

Open valve – filling the pump from hopper

The new sand pump eliminates the old-style flat valve and replaces it with urethane domed valve and matching seat. These valves are used in sand blasting equipment and provide long service life.

We’ve improved the valve actuation and seating by using an expandable airbag. When air is delivered to the airbag, it applies high force to move the valve upwards into the matching seat. This creates high sealing and assured sand flow to the sand hopper. A machined and spring-loaded guidance system ensures smooth and trouble-free movements.

Lastly, we’ve improved the compressed air delivery into the interior of the sand pump which minimizes turbulence and sand abrasion.

There are two NPT connections for compressed air for the airbag actuation and sand pump pressurization. Designed for simple installation following the OEM connections. Retrofitting an existing machine will require a second compressed air supply, solenoid, and regulator (programming changes may be required that we can help with)

Sand Flow: 24 lbs/min (approximate)
Sand Delivery: 20 ft distance from pump to hopper (less than 10 ft of vertical travel is ideal)
Air Pressure: 28 to 45 psig (approximately 30 cfm @ -40F – clean dry oil free air)
Part Number: 130-23039-00

Used in our new equipment products or as a retrofit kit for your existing shell core machines. Contact us to discuss how these pumps can minimize downtime due to sand pump outage.

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