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Aluminum Casting Systems

Aluminum Casting Systems
Gravity and Low Pressure Permanent Mold Systems

Our fully automated Cast Equipment Systems deliver high yields and production flexibility. With our experience, EMI can design a system tailored to your production requirements.

EMI Low Pressure Molding Machines are fully automatic production centers for producing castings when material integrity requirements of thin-walled casting designs are required. During the automatic sequence of operation, these completely enclosed machines are able to set cores, extract castings, set gate screens, blow off the mold and present the casting to the operator for inspection. Mechanical dry cycle is designed for 75 sec/cycle..

EMI Semi-Permanent Mold, Vertically-Parted Turntables have been recently redesigned with reliability, operation and maintainability in mind to offer quality products to the automotive industry. EMI’s turntable system typically utilizes five casting benches mounted on a 26′diameter, electric motor- driven turntable. This system is designed with a minimum platform height of 39″, therefore no pits are necessary for installation. The mechanical dry cycle is 80 sec/station. Depending on customers’ tooling package needs, a typical solidification production rate of 45 castings/hour can be expected.

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