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EMI Low Pressure Molding Machines

EMI Low Pressure Molding Machines

The Low Pressure Semi-Permanent Mold Machines are fully automated production centers for producing castings where material integrity requirements of thin walled casting design is required. During the automatic sequence of operation, these completely enclosed machines are able to automatically set cores, extract castings, set gate screens, blow off the drag mold, and present the castings to the operator for inspection. Some of the standard features also included are:

  • Dual cope ejection system for two cavity molds
  • Up to 20 channels of cooling water/air
  • Loose piece capabilities
  • 6 heavy duty side pulls for drag mold
  • Manual tool locks for ease of tooling loading
  • Tooling size up to 55″ x 64″ x 34″ high
  • 4500# holding furnace, auto door, in/out
  • Safety pawls and ratchets for main platen
  • Preheat combustion system

The typical mechanical dry cycle is designed to be 75 sec/cycle. For a typical solidification, depending on customer’s tooling requirements, a casting to casting production time in the 5 minute range can be expected.

Ancillary equipment to a complete turn key system installation is also available. This includes core machines, gas generators, core conveyor handling systems, platforms, tooling loading systems and mobile recharging furnaces.

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