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Announcement from Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Equipment Manufacturers, Inc. is now under the joint ownership of Ray Carcione, Chief Executive Officer, and Jerry Senk, President.  The new ownership brings reinvestment and new plans to expand the business. Both owners have a long history with EMI bringing unparalleled experience in the foundry equipment industry.

A Trusted Industry Resource – A Recognized Global Leader

 Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc (EMI) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of metal casting solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. At EMI we rely on decades of experience to bring cost effective solutions to our foundry partners unique challenges. Always driven to provide the best products and services to our customers, we will continue to innovate and meet the demands of the foundry industry.

EMI consistently delivers:

  • Smart & innovative equipment solutions
  • Highly experienced foundry professionals
  • Integrity and personal responsibility
  • Value our customer relationships

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Brief Description

    Supporting & Improving
    on the Top Industry Brands

    Equipment • Parts • Service • Repairs • Remanufacturing

    EMI has acquired well-known industry brands such as; Osborn, SPO, CE Cast, IMPACT, Sutter, and Herman. We’ve pioneered innovative and patented improvements to these traditional equipment lines that bring longer life, lower maintenance, and higher productivity. We provide replacement OEM parts to exact original specifications for all our acquired brands. EMI maintains a revolving inventory of common replacement parts and we can typically respond with same day shipping.

    The acquisition of these industry leading companies has resulted in unmatched industry knowledge and experience. This has paved the way to allow EMI the expertise and experience to tackle every aspect of foundry design, engineering, and manufacturing. From the mold line and core room to the finishing department, EMI has the knowledge and expert resources to help maximize your foundry operations.

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