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SPOmatic®…ideal for midsize and large foundries

SPOmatic Automatic High-Pressure Molding Machines are the premier high-production green sand molding machines and molding equipment in the foundry industry today. SPO lines and systems are custom designed and engineered to specific production requirements. Molding machines and systems are available in a range of styles, sizes and mold rates. Pneumatic squeeze pressures range up to 55,000 kg; hydraulic squeeze pressures up to 272,000 kg. Subject to system layout and mold flask size, a SPOmatic system is capable of producing up to 300 quality molds per hour, while realizing molding pressures up to 17 kg per sq. cm.

Exclusive SPOmatic Molding Machine Features

  • Mold Squeeze Cylinder Overhead ‘Sand-Free’ location for easy accessibility and maintenance.
  • Prepared Sand Metering Box Prepared Molding Sand is metered to each mold flask to minimize sand requirements.
  • Prepared Sand Aerator Increases sand flowability to insure uniform prepared molding sand placement in the mold flask.
  • Compensating Squeeze Head Available with zone control or universal-adjustable lock-type features to insure uniform squeeze pressure on mold surface, irrespective of pattern contour.
  • Flask Lowerator & Mold Strip Unit Located in ‘Sand Free’ area to insure accurate flask placement and mold stripping alignment.
  • Pattern Shuttle or Pattern Cycling System Operates within the cycle time of the molding machine for alternate pattern or pattern change operation. Multiple pattern systems are available.
  • Mold Jolt and/or UP/RAP Unit Insures a denser and more uniform mold, especially desirable in deep draw pattern.

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