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Primafond Cold Box Core Machines

Includes integrated gas generator. No pits or special foundations are required.

EMI is proud to offer Primafond cold box core machines. Simple and efficient solutions for a wide range of foundry needs.

  • Enclosed machine and gas generator.
  • Vertical and horizontal core boxes.
  • Accepts both metal and wood.
  • High quality production with straightforward maintenance.

Complete integrated systems available.

20 lt. Shot capacity
750 mm (29.5 in.) Max height of the core box
900 mm (35.5 in.) Max width between clamps (open cylinders)
300 mm (12 in.) Clamp cylinder stroke (each)
Dimensions of clamp panels
500 mm (20 in.) Height
700 mm (27.5 in.) Width
300 mm (12 in.) Maximum stroke of the compression table
Shooting head dimensions
250 x 700 mm (10 x 27.5 in.) External
80 x 600 mm (3 x 24 in.) Useful
7 SCFM Air consumption (approx.)
22 Kw Installed power with embodied gas generator for Cold Box-amine
20 sec Machine dry cycle time
6500 Kg (14,330 lbs.) Weight
2,800 x 3,200 x 3,300 mm
(110 x 126 x 130 in.)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) included protections