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Osborn Molding Systems

How to know the need.

If your customers are demanding more consistent quality in their castings, if pricing is more competitive, if you’re having more trouble finding qualified molding operators-then your company is a good candidate for an EMI/Osborn in-liner. Even if you have a lot of low quantity runs, an EMI/Osborn in-liner can be a practical answer.

Customers are demanding consistent quality castings, pricing is competitive and foundries are doing more with fewer personnel. The EMI/Osborn in liner addresses these challenges by offering a practical automatic mold system.

What to look for.

First, your in-line system has to be fast and flexible. EMI/Osborn in-liners handle up to 300 molds/hour. Patterns can be changed in just 15 seconds.

Next, to keep costs low, your system should require as little manpower involvement as possible. On EMI/Osborn in-liners, everything is automatic except for core setting.

How it works-reliably.

The most important factor is reliability. It’s our strongest suit. It starts with practically indestructible construction-like posts are cut from 8″ solid steel plate. All components-like chains, rollers, shock absorbers, drives, clutches, brakes-are extra heavy duty. Many are of EMI/Osborn’s own design and manufacture.

Simplicity also plays a key role. The EMI/Osborn line has the fewest number of motions and machines.


You get millions of cycles with an absolute minimum of maintenance and downtime.

Pattern Shuttles

Optional automatic shuttles (beneath molding machines) accomplish pattern changes in only 15 seconds, and also permit alternate production of two patterns

Core Setting Section

A ‘ go and stop’ sequence allows for efficient and accurate placement of cores as well as mold blow-off. The core conveyor can be designed for any number of stations.

Closing Machine

Closing Machine

Mold Set-On Machine

Mold Set-On Machine

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