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Increase Your Options;
EMI, Savelli + Küttner
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Section 179 Tax Deduction - Increased to $500K
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Increase your options with EMI, Savelli Technologies & Küttner

EMI, líder en el diseño y la fabricación de equipamiento para fundición, realizó un acuerdo de asociación a largo plazo para brindar servicios, repuestos y realizar ventas para los modernos equipos de moldeo de Savelli Technologies (parte del Grupo Küttner). EMI tendrá el soporte de manera exclusiva y expandirá la presencia de Savelli Technologies en el mercado Norteamericano.

Este grupo único de compañías con más de 300 años de experiencia combinada en productividad de moldeo en la fundición, la canalizará a las fundiciones de todo tamaño en Norteamérica.

Esta asociación capitalizará el renombre que Savelli Technologies desarrolló como innovador de equipamiento de moldeo en verde a gran escala y la fortaleza de EMI en ingeniería de diseño, fabricación y ventas. En Norteamérica, esta sociedad operará fuera de la casa central de EMI en Cleveland, Ohio.

“EMI ha sido honrada al ser elegida por Savelli Technologies / Küttner, Las fundiciones norteamericanas se beneficiarán mucho al tener de manera local, un proveedor y servicio técnico. Además de fabricación, ventas y servicio técnico, almacenaremos piezas de repuesto. Esto brindará un servicio excepcional de gestión de reparaciones y repuestos,” dijo Jerry Senk, Presidente de EMI, Inc.

“Este equipo de dedicados ingenieros de fundición brinda la mejor gente, las más recientes tecnologías de moldeo en verde y una dedicación de excelencia para nuestros clientes en Norteamérica – un nivel de producto, conocimiento y servicio, como la industria de la fundición no ha visto antes,” agregó.


Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc,
Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG, and
Savelli Technologies S.r.l.
have signed a long-term partnership agreement.

Hans Jaan Rachner, Gerald Senk, Francesco Savelli, Raymond Carcione and Dr. Karl Isken

Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc. (EMI), a leader in the design and manufacturing of foundry casting equipment including molding and mold handling, core making, and automation technologies, has executed a long-term partnership agreement with Küttner Holding GmbH (Küttner) and Savelli Technologies (SavTech).

Recently Küttner and SavTech completed a purchase agreement that expands both company’s global foundry platform. Küttner is a global industrial solution provider, specializing in a variety of industries including coking, metals recycling, energy management, environmental, and foundry design & automation. SavTech is a global leader in the design and installation of highly customized and high performance “Green Sand” molding machines, sand preparation, and return systems for foundries which produce iron, steel and aluminum castings.

The combined experience of these industry leading companies will expand on their traditional high tech expertise – with all necessary competencies for the design, manufacturing and fabrication, installation, and commissioning services. The benefit of this partnership for our foundry industry partners worldwide is unmatched in the industry today. Combining the resources and expertise of EMI-Küttner-SavTech brings a necessary single source of design, supply, and service to the foundry industry.

The US manufacturing factory of EMI (Cleveland, Ohio) will serve the Küttner Group and the new and modern molding technologies of SavTech.

More information about Küttner and SavTech:

Kuttner North America headquarters (Port Washington, Wisconsin) and
EMI manufacturing facility (Cleveland, Ohio)


Equipment Manufacturers International
Announces Executive Vice President

The Board of Directors at Equipment Manufacturers International (EMI) has announced the addition of Scott Shaver toExecutive Vice President.

As EVP, Scott will play an integral role at expanding EMI’s presence throughout the foundry industry and aligned vertical market segments.

Scott brings more than 25 years of sales, operations, and business leadership in complex custom engineered equipment solutions. Scott’s addition to EMI will help drive awareness of the full range and breadth of EMI’s unique capabilities. While EMI has acquired several foundry OEM’s over the years the true value that EMI brings to any foundry project is found in EMI’s world class staff. Scott will help to orchestrate people and processes designed to further improve and enhance the customer experience.

“We expect that Scott’s proven managerial expertise will provide EMI with the continued growth and focus on providing our customers with the very best solutions in equipment and customer service,” said Jerry Senk, President of EMI Inc.


Equipment Merchants International
Company Name Change


Equipment Merchants International, Inc., (EMI) announced today that it will be renamed Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc., effective immediately. The name change is part of a rebranding initiative to better align the Company’s name with its overall strategic mission to provide a wider range of in-house produced foundry equipment, including complete turnkey foundry installations.

EMI began building on this strategy with the acquisition of major foundry equipment suppliers such as Osborn, SPO, Sutter and Herman. In doing so, they established a reputation for engineering and manufacturing a broad range of equipment to make foundry production faster, better, and more reliable.

EMI’s Board and its ESOP employees unanimously made the decision to change the Company's name based on its broadening role as a foundry equipment manufacturer. "With the acquisition of several prominent OEM machine manufacturers over the years, as well as the increased production of EMI developed machines and systems, we felt now was the time to align our identity with our diverse manufacturing capabilities," said Jerry Senk, president of EMI.

The new name reflects EMI’s ability to provide a complete range of new manufactured equipment, remanufactured machines, parts and maintenance all at the highest level of service from their Cleveland, Ohio production facility.

While EMI's name is changing, its legal status, Web, physical address, contacts, and contracts with existing customers will remain the same for the smoothest transition. In addition to the new name and look, an updated tagline to communicate their new identity has been added, "Foundry Equipment…By Design".


Vertical to the Core!

EMI's New CB.22.SR
Vertically Parted Core Box Machine

Accepts most common existing core boxes or even 3D printed core boxes.

Improved design allows for easy core box setup, tooling access, and maintainability.

Click here for Details.


EMI, Inc. Increases Sales Staff

Equipment Manufacturers, Inc., (EMI) recently announced David Bowman as Sales Engineer, effective immediately.

David Bowman was previously Sales Manager at General Plug & Manufacturing and brings with him a wealth of foundry, machining, and manufacturing experience. In this new position, he will be responsible for account management, equipment quotations, and developing process solutions.

“David brings a strategic mindset and proven track record of developing successful customer-focused solutions specific to the foundry industry. We have increased the sales staff to support our growing global operation, and welcome David’s expertise in this important role,” said Jerry Senk, President of EMI.


Joe McFarland Promoted to Vice President of
Engineering & Manufacturing

The Board of Directors of Equipment Manufacturers International (EMI) is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Joe McFarland to Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing, effective immediately. Joe McFarland is a 16 year veteran of EMI and has held the positions of Manager of Engineering and Operations Manager. In this new position, he will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day business of the design and manufacturing of molding and core making equipment and complete foundry systems and will continue to have a lead role in new product development. “Joe has earned the respect of our entire staff and importantly our customers in the areas of equipment and system design. He has significantly enhanced our manufacturing capabilities by driving operational excellence in quality and service. We welcome Joe’s expertise in this important role,” said Jerry Senk, President of EMI, Inc.


Casting Technology For The Future – Just Ask Fall River Foundry

“I would like to share with you how pleased we are with the new EMI Molding Machine & Mold Handling System. As you are aware we have been researching new molding machines for a number of years. Upon reviewing what was available we concluded that the EMI 14x19 Molding Machine would best suit our job shop foundry needs. From concept drawing to the equipment set-up, EMI met our expectations and deadlines. The Technology and Engineering applied to this molding system is what will continue to keep Fall River Foundry producing the quality of casting our customers expect. On behalf of Fall River Foundry, we thank everyone at EMI for our “Made in the USA” molding line.”

Bremman T. Weigel
President, Fall River Foundry

Click here for video.


Metalcasters Want, and Need, the Complete Solution

Metalcasters increasingly are demonstrating demand for complete turnkey engineering solutions from the industry’s technology suppliers, and all indicators are that the trend will continue. Article in the January 2015 issue of Foundry Management & Technology Magazine.

Click here for article.


High Volume of Castings Cooled on Conveyor System

Click here for article.

EMI's New Matchplate Molding Machine Design

EMI Inc.'s Automatic Matchplate Molding Machine design includes an improved six-piece frame; a removable, pattern spray storage tank that is not integrated into the frame; and a centrally located HMI on a swivel, so that an operator is available to work from either side of the machine. A cope lift design was added to the design, which allows a greater variety of pattern plates, and improved guidance for the guide rods. The squeeze head is redesigned to transfer force into the machine frame, not the hopper car, and has a new, upper cope mold ejection system. These were additions to the already improved designs such as eliminating drag shift and the addition of guide rods and linear bearings in the squeeze station.

More design improvements focus on the hopper car, fillerator, rollover, board feeder, and more.

EMI now represents Primafond in the United States, Mexico and Canada

The Italian company specializes in simple and functional solutions to improve foundry machines and core making equipment. They offer a wide range of machines that complement EMI’s current line, adding even more value for our customers.