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Semi-Permanent Mold Vertically Parted Turntable Systems

These recently redesigned casting benches offer the automotive industry the ‘best of class’ in this type of equipment. Details to reliability, operation, and maintainability have yielded a machine to perform in today’s production environment. EMI’s turntable system utilizes five (5) casting benches, mounted to a 26-foot diameter, electric motor driven, turntable. This system is designed with a minimum platform height of 39″, therefore, no pits are necessary for installation.

Some of the standard features of the Semi Permanent Mold Turntable System are:

  • 10-position turntable with positive locator shot pin
  • Five (5) modular benches, accurately located and leveled
  • Tooling size up to 38-1/4″ x 41-3/8″ x 30-3/4″ high
  • Electric turntable drive system
  • Modular bottom ejector
  • Angled ejectors
  • Individual dual end pulls
  • Optional side pulls
  • Cope cover strip cylinder
  • Accessible tooling cylinder locks
  • Vertically actuated cylinder swing arm assembly
  • 26 foot diameter, 5 piece turntable construction
  • Removable access plates
  • Controlled water cooling
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Central distribution union, all utilities

The typical mechanical dry cycle is 75 seconds/station. For a typical solidification, depending on the customer’s particular tooling package, a production rate of 48 castings per hour can be expected.

Ancillary equipment to complete a total turn key package is also available. This includes items such as furnace, pouring/ladling gantry, core setting, extraction, degating/debutting, take away conveyors, platforms, and installation.

EMI offers different conceptions and arrangements to meet your specific requirements.

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