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EMI Matchplate Molding Solutions

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

EMI is actively promoting this “best-in-class” automatic matchplate molding machine to its customers, while continuing to provide on-going support to the existing customers who have already taken advantage of this technology.

EMI is well-positioned to support the automatic matchplate molding requirements of customers, having served the foundry industry for 28+ years with a broad range of high-quality, market-leading product lines such as EMI, Osborn, SPO, Sutter, +Impact+, and Herman along with an equally diverse range of core competencies, including design engineering, turnkey installations, manufacturing, and long-term service support.

EMI Inc.’s Automatic Matchplate Molding Machine design includes an improved six-piece frame; a removable, pattern spray storage tank that is not integrated into the frame; and a centrally located HMI on a swivel, so that an operator is available to work from either side of the machine. A cope lift design was added to the design, which allows a greater variety of pattern plates, and improved guidance for the guide rods. The squeeze head is redesigned to transfer force into the machine frame, not the hopper car, and has a new, upper cope mold ejection system. These were additions to the already improved designs such as eliminating drag shift and the addition of guide rods and linear bearings in the squeeze station.

More design improvements focus on the hopper car, fillerator, rollover, board feeder, and more.