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Briquetting Systems for Foundries

EMI is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Briquetting Presses with such proven designs as our BL-500-C Press. Since the 1930′s, constant improvements have been made in the mechanical and control systems of these units and to date, over 400 EMI/C.E. Cast BL-Series briquetting presses have been placed in production. These presses turn low value loose turnings and borings into high density, high profit briquettes which can reduce scrap storage space, provide improved handling and shipping characteristics and cut scrap and melting costs. Depending on material and tooling size utilized, units are capable of throughputs in excess of 4-tons/hour with briquette densities in excess of 95%.

Briquettes works well in most types of melting equipment

Thousands of tons of briquettes a day are melted in foundries and steel mills throughout the world. Cupolas and arc furnaces and other types of melting equipment will readily accept briquettes. By utilizing briquettes, scrap charge costs can be cut drastically. EMI can provide you with information on savings available to your company utilizing briquettes and EMI briquetting machines.

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