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Automated Molding Systems

The “heart” of the foundry is the automatic molding system and the “heart” of the molding system is the molding machine. It is imperative that the molding machine be of a design that will consistently and reliably produce quality molds at or above the required rates. EMI has the ability to provide molding machines of “tried and proven” design concepts incorporating the most current controls capabilities to ensure foundries their best opportunity for a reliable and profitable operation.

Our SPOmatic, Osborn and Impact molding systems have long been the benchmark for tight flask molding equipment. Our ability to custom-design the equipment to meet your specifications, together with our in-house service support staff; result in a molding system that can be easily understood and maintained. We offer periodic equipment inspections and training programs designed to allow you to maintain your competitive advantage.

Our molding systems can provide millions of production cycles at rates exceeding 300 molds per hour.

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