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EMI is celebrating our 32nd year as an equipment manufacturer and integrator to the foundry industry. Our capabilities include equipment design, manufacturing, technical assistance (for installation, start-up), equipment inspections/reviews, equipment remanufacturing programs, and spare parts along with complete turn-key systems.

Over the years we have acquired Osborn, SPO, CE Cast, IMPACT, Sutter and Herman to enhance our equipment offering for core making, green sand molding, matchplate molding, flasks and pallet cars, semi-permanent mold casting, low pressure aluminum casting, robotic applications, casting wedge devices and briquetting presses. We are proud to provide complete support, important OEM spare parts, and maintenance for these well-respected brands of equipment. We also represent Primafond core machines & gas generators. There's more foundry equipment under our roof to support all that is under yours.

EMI is a complete manufacturing supplier from single machines to complete foundry integration and has the expertise in a broad range of equipment to make your production faster, better, and more reliable. Equipment that reduces labor and increases results while making the most out of the technology you're using now is our hallmark.

Click here to see our new automatic Matchplate Molding Machine video.

Innovative foundry equipment systems used to meet individual specifications include EMI, Osborn, SPO, CE Cast, Impact Molding, Sutter, and Herman